Keimling Naturkost
Sedona dehydrator

Sedona raw food dehydrator -

Drying in raw-food quality for every kitchen!

  • From pineapple rings to courgette chips –
    dehydrating diversity in raw food quality!
  • “Night mode” setting for even quieter
    dehydrating operation
  • Fits into most fitted kitchen units

further information about the Sedona dehydrator

Make delicious and healthy dried fruit from your seasonal fruit and vegetables at home. With the new Sedona raw food dehydrator you can use wide a variety of dried fruits to prepare. Delicious creations such as: fruit leather, pizza crusts, crackers and much more.
This is made possible by the horizontal air flow and the digital temperatue measurement. Have you ever tried delicious marinated vegetables?

Sedona crackers with vegetables Sedona Cashew nuts Sedona dried fruits and vegetables

  Sedona crackers with vegetables        Sedona marinated Cashew nuts       Sedona dried fruits and vegetables